Dealing With PC Data Loss

May 5th, 2015

slowcomputerData is extremely important and valuable, and losing it can be a catastrophe.  Case in point: when Windows gets damaged or corrupted by a virus or malware infection and is rendered useless.  When you can’t even use Windows in order to get your data off the computer in the first place.  Something like this happened to me and I was kicking myself that I didn’t have a backup or restore image on hand.  Most people don’t – you really have to be OCD about doing backups, and let’s face it: most of us are not.  We’re lazy!

So what can be done?  Well, there’s always the fresh installation – wipe out Windows and reinstall the operating system and start from scratch.  While this is an attractive option because you get to start with a lightning fast installation, it’s sometimes not an option at all because you can’t delete your data that you still have on the computer hard drives.

In this case you could take your computer to an expert and have them extract the data or try to help fix the operating system.  But sometimes this is just not an option either due to time constraints or simply cost – it can cost a lot of money to bring your PC into a tech.

So what else can you do?  Well, there is the option of using Reimage PC Repair, a proprietary and extremely helpful software tool that can help you to repair a Windows installation on the fly.  This is extremely helpful when you have no options left.  I’ve used this program before when I was boxed into this corner, and it was a savior.  I was able to repair Windows and finish my project without losing all my data.  In terms of saving the day this program is ace.

It’s been well reviewed by a lot of online publications.  It’s unfortunate that many websites are calling Reimage malware and I can’t understand that – it’s a legitimate program.  Sure you have to pay for it, but I’m sorry Joe not everything in life is free.  They give you a free download of the software so you can scan your system, but if you want to do the repairs yes I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but you have to pay for the software.

Other than Reimage there are not that many computer programs out there that can really help you with this sort of problem.  Reimage won’t help you with specific third party software, however, or fix your broken hard drive if it’s physically busted.  But Reimage will repair broken and corrupted Windows system files and get your computer back up and running.  It certainly helped me and it can definitely help you too.  I suggest trying to download it to see if it works and to see if it can detect the particular problems that you’re having.

Remember to back up your files, folks and until next time I hope you have a great computer day :) Adios amigos!